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Refrigerant Glide


Choice R-421A

Replaces R-22 in Multiple  Applications

Save Time and Save Money with a Quick and Easy Conversion to Choice R-421A.


  • a unique non-ozone depleting long-term replacement for R22
  • an environmentally Green refrigerant
  • ..can replace R22 without unit modification
  • ..does not contain a hydrocarbon, such as Butane
  • ..can replace R22 with no change of oil
  • ..can be used in compressors designed for R22
  • ..can be used with Mineral, AB or POE oils
  • the only 2-component blend to replace R22
  • non-flammable and rated A1 by ASHRAE
  • comparable to R22 in terms of performance across the R22 temperature range
  • currently in use in a wide variety of applications including:
    • Air Conditioning Split Systems
    • Dairy Chillers
    • Refrigerated Transport
    • Cold Stores
    • Reach-in Storage
    • Self-Contained Display Cabinets
    • Supermarket Pak Systems
    • Bakery Applications
    • Walk-in Coolers
    • And More..

* R-421A is packaged with a performance enhancing lubricant.

Source of information is from Manufacturer’s Literature.